Man Friday

Wake up! It’s Friday! It’s the end of the work week. Actor Janvier Daily is here to brighten up your summer day. Or maybe heat it up a few notches on the scale. Janvier’s on comeback mode after a long hiatus from showbiz (and modelling).  He’s headlining an indie flick, where he is all set to bare some skin.

48 thoughts on “Man Friday”

    1. Oo search mo ung name nya tas nude sa huli mkkta mo ung titi nya pinicturan ni ethel habang tulog laki tas ang haba sarap himurin..haha

    1. True! Gustoo kong ma dual penetration nitong si Janvier Daily and Josh Ivan Morales. Ang mga jumbong lalaki!! Sarap!!!!

  1. ang mga becky dito ang la laswa niyo. puro kayo titi, puro kayo chupa. chaka naman. mga etchoserang froglets kayo.

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