Marked Role

Actor-singer-host Markki Stroem continues to push the envelope across the rainbow-painted table these days. He’s doing queer flicks while hosting and performing on the side. Now that is something, considering the dire situation in these times. Of course, the constant teasing in budgy smugglers and tighty whities is cherry on top.

10 thoughts on “Marked Role”

  1. Markki kabayo ha. Kaya pala talaga there are moments sobrang iika ika si Marvin. Dakota at ang balls, tennis laki.I wanna try, Markki. And how true, caramel flavor ang mod? cinnamon minsan.

    1. Tito Marv and Markki never had a relationship. Tito Marv is straight and straight as an arrow. Very generous uncle to us. Stop naman, Tito Marv can give you cochinillo and other ulam,wag naman siya ilabel na gay. He is not poh, okay?

        1. hindi po. I respect you titos Anonymous and rd. Its just that I have to defend my tito Marvs. Respect and Cheers to that!

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