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Oh, you’ll love this, too! Singer and tv actor Mark Bautista finally shows off his sexy bod [and bulge] after quite some time. It has been more than four years now when he strutted his stuff, shirtless in red jeans and fake blood, on the runways for the Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash . And look at him now – one fine specimen for all the girls and girls to see!
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  1. Cant put my “finger” in it…but there’s something off with those boots..anlakas maka-beky sa styling ng shot…nonetheless,masarap pa rin si Mark..hihi
    Chuzzee D.Mapili

  2. i like ordinary looking guys,,he is one ordinary looking but still he’s not my type,,maybe because im a tall glass of water,,i want guys that are taller than me,,,shorter guys dont have appeal for me..sorry

  3. Marami din palang RD fans na panatiko ng kapalmuksya channel. . They talk like Gods na pag lumipat sa ibang stations, automatic na wala ng career. . Parang lahat ng nasa kabila may career. . Hiyang hiya kami sa inyo ang KAPAL nyo dn talaga, parang kayo lang ang may TV.

  4. kahit ano pa sabihin nyo basta love ko si mark bautista noon pa! bet na bet ko sya talaga! laglag panty ko sa kanya!

  5. Dakota fanning talaga sya. This was taken in promo for his upcoming stageplay full monty. Story about a striper. So expect he’ll do striptease ;p

  6. first saw this photo on his twitter account and then on his FB fan page. ang laki nga ng bukol nya. kaya ang swerte nga ni papa piolo para i-bottom sya ni mark.

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