Must Love Dogs

Joross Gamboa loves dogs.

John Archer, a psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire [Preston, UK], has been trying to figure out for some time why people love their pets. In evolutionary terms, love for dogs and other pets “poses a problem,” he writes. Being attached to animals is not, strictly speaking, necessary for human health and welfare. According to Archer, while it is true that studies show that people with pets live a bit longer and have better blood pressure than benighted non-owners, yet in the literal sense, we don’t really need all those dogs and cats to survive. Archer’s alternative Darwinian theory: Pets manipulate the same instincts and responses that have evolved to facilitate human relationships, “primarily (but not exclusively) those between parent and child.” Or, to look at it from the opposite direction, Archer suggests, “consider the possibility that pets are, in evolutionary terms, manipulating human responses, that they are the equivalent of social parasites.” Social parasites inject themselves into the social systems of other species and thrive there. Dogs are masters at that. They show a range of emotions—love, anxiety, curiosity—and thus trick us into thinking they possess the full range of human feelings.

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  1. mahilig talaga tung c joros ng gimik para pag usapan,ito na naman yung pic na naka undie lang akala kasi niya maraming intersado sakanya kayulad ny pagpost ng personal pix nyana naka undie din na kitayung bolbol sa tiyan nya sa yahoo group niya, e wwalag pumansin. desperate move! kawawa naman, eho, kahit kailan di ka talaga sisikat kahitmag hubad ka pa!

  2. With all due respect, Mr. John Archer, you are an imbecile who obviously just appeared fully formed under a moist rock.

    I am the proud owner of 11 dogs and 48 cats (all of which I rescued) and I dare speak on behalf of all proud pet owners when I say that because you are the one who is injecting himself into our social system by positing forth your useless ranting (which you dare call scientific research), YOU ARE THE SOCIAL PARASITE.

    I will agree with you that dogs and cats do not possess the full range of human emotions, yes. They do not know how to be dishonest, treacherous, greedy, vain, know-it-all or holier-than-thou. Treated right, the only emotions that they will ever know are loyalty and unconditional love. Does that make them lesser organisms than us humans?

    And you dare use evolutionary theory? Dogs and cats, and all animals, for that matter, have been around longer than humans have. We have invaded their territory, impinged on and plundered their habitats, domesticated and bred them for our own selfish needs for existence.

    Assuming that you are human, to some extent or another, who are you to say then that animals are the social parasites?


  3. Bravo, Anonymous (Nov. 22, 1:48 a.m.). This British John Archer is overly-intellectualizing man’s relationship with pet dogs. But dogs can never be social parasites because they are not really part of human society (kaya nga “social”). We don’t have dogs now at home but we used to have a squad of them, and they gave every member of the family boundless joy and happiness, and showed warmth, playfulness, and loyalty. They are animals but they are creatures of God who exhibit the positive human qualities of love, courage, and loyalty. Jeez, how could anybody even say that dogs “trick us into thinking they possess the full range of human feelings.” Balderdash!

  4. For a while there, RD, I was going to fault you for quoting that misguided John Archer extensively. But then you have elevated the level of this blog from just prurience to something more…uh, intelligent. I’m sure many baklitas would howl in protest… that this blog is here just to enjoy beefcakes, that more cerebral stuff is out of place. Bunkum. If they want just porno, bili na lang sila ng X-rated videos at pabayaang kalawangin ang utak nila. Anyway, I love dogs. But I relish and savor beautiful men.

  5. Of course Joross is wearing something — dark, printed undies. If not, the picture would suggest a hint of bestiality. Roxanne’s ex may not look bright but I don’t think he has a thing for dogs.

  6. Who’s ranting now?

    Face it. You own a bunch of pets. If you had children or a partner or friends, I wonder which of them, including your pets get most of your time.

    Moreover, ranting in this post, considering this is not Mr. Archer’s site or blog, either shows you’re the moron or you’re socially malnourished. It’s one or the other so go figure.

  7. I seriously do not agree with what this John Archer is saying. Absolute nonsense!!! This just proves the following words “Mabuti pa ang hayop, nagpapakatao, ang tao, nagpapakahayop”

  8. Anonymous #4 said:

    “Who’s ranting now?
    Face it. You own a bunch of pets. If you had children or a partner or friends, I wonder which of them, including your pets get most of your time…”

    – I do have children, two in fact, both of whom my boyfriend (of 14 years) and I adopted from CRIBS. And I have tons of friends who I am very happy with and who are equally happy for me. And if I can’t go out with them, they spend time with me and my entire brood at my home, sometimes staying over at my four-bedroom house. I have a thriving veterinary business, plus affiliations with two animal-rescue organizations. I don’t know, but I think I live a very full and fulfilling life. –

    “Moreover, ranting in this post, considering this is not Mr. Archer’s site or blog…”

    – I know that. Which is why I have corresponded with Mr. Archer himself, and he was kind enough to send me a reply personally. It was nothing at all like yours; intelligible and informative, to say the very least. –

    “…either shows you’re the moron or you’re socially malnourished. It’s one or the other so go figure.”

    – Aww, it’s one or the other? Now, I’m jealous. Because in just six sentences, you managed to become both, a socially malnourished moron. –

  9. i never thought that this post about john archer could create a furor among pet lovers and members of kennel clubs in this blog. on the lighter side, gays i know have this affinity with dogs: they provide companionship to gays (and women) who live alone, and have at least influenced (and “manipulated”?) human behavior with – ohhhh, ahhhhhh – the doggie style. Lol.

  10. 11 DOGS AND 48 CATS (AND THEY ARE STRAYS)…wow, that really caught my attention. here in the west, municipalities have by-laws regarding the # of meow-meows and ow-ows you could own. can you imagine the daily time consumption for feedings, excrement disposal especially in the tropics, urine clean up (oh boy, do they ever stink), training and obedience, bugs and fleas, vet trips, special work pertaining to the breed, etc. etc. etc…even if you live in a large farm or own a kennel there is a limit humans can do to provide basic necessities and sharing love to with their animals (pets) and still maintain a diversified and normal lifestyle to enjoy. sometimes even a second chance in life turns out not fair. -BUT… DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU GET A KNOCK ON THE DOOR FROM ANIMAL RESCUE OR SHELTER. NEIGHBOURS ARE SNEAKY PEOPLE.

  11. And by “the west,” I assume you mean in the US, right?

    Well, all those regulations are great, actually. I just wish we had them here in the Philippines. Yes, the Philippines, the setting for a stupid book called “The Dog-eaters” (just recently adapted into a hopefully not-so-stupid stage play).

    I’m not worried about animal rescue organizations, I’m on the board of directors of two of them. Hell, I AM an animal shelter. And the only sneaky thing my neighbors have done is dump strays on my doorstep (which they have thankfully stopped, since I’ve gotten them on the awareness bus).

    I have a household staff of 7, who do chores for me about 2 hours every day. The rest of the day they spend taking care of my animals. Feeding them, cleaning them and cleaning up after them. I’m lucky because these people love animals as much as I do. And they take meticulous care in making sure that everything is always clean and stink-free, so that none of my neighbors complain.

    As far as making sure my 11 dogs and 48 cats are always healthy, well, my boyfriend and I are veterinarians ourselves. And though they’re eating our family out of house and home at times since feeding them is very expensive, we feel that we would rather spend money on more worthwhile causes, than pay for a country club membership just to play golf.

    And we are currently working with some friends in high places to create better legislation with regards to animals. I mean if we had stricter laws, we would have less stray dogs and cats that would need rescuing.

    One last wish: that blog-owner Mr. Dantes would close this message thread. With all due respect, I believe enough has been said about cats and dogs. Let’s get down to more important matters: gorgeous men in various stages of undress. Thank you.

    Oh… and, world peace.

  12. to the owner of 11 cats 48 dogs: i totally agree with what you have been saying, my dear, as i am also a pet lover, but why would you want to close this message thread? you have said enough, and quite a mouthful, loud and clear, about your “household staff of 7” and your passion for animal protection,etc. etc., so why should you wish RD to close this message thread? let the comments pour on, my dear. no one here has the sole prerogative of having the last say.

  13. ang yabang naman ng owner ng 11 dogs 48 cats na yan. keber kung may pera ka at kaya mo magalaga ng aso? mag create ka ng lang ng blog mo tungkol sa aso, at magsama na lang kayo ni lolit solis na napakarami ring aso. para kang stray dog na askal na may pulgas na basta na lang nagdadakdak dito. marunong din kami mag protect ng aso no? what the hell!

  14. there is a purina cat food tv commercial jingle that goes :

    MEOW,MEOW (say it 16x and you will pick up the beat)

    48 cats translation : I like harry,i like justin, i like johnron, i like piolo.

    11 dogs translation : DOG EAT DOG!

    (oh no!…its a bit sarcastic as hurricane mina is sweeping your neck of the woods this weekend… sorry)

  15. RD, ito lang yatang kay Joross ang pinost mo na more than majority ng comments HINDI tungkol sa pinakitang subject. Insulto ‘to kay Joross. I pala siya ganun ka-interesting.

  16. To all ANIMAL HATERS lalo kana Archer “kumag ka” and that anonymous #4 who seem to support his Nazi inspired premise.

    Wala naman pumipilit sa inyo na mag-alaga na hayop! Kaya tumahimik nalang kayo ang continue to live your sorry lives!!

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