Onemig Bondoc is a hot papa!

I was watching tv earlier, and was surprised to hear that erstwhile teen idol and inactive actor Onemig Bondoc is now a father to a 6-month-old girl. The mother of the baby is Valerie Bariou, a French-Filipina freelance model who has done several TV commercial and print ads. According to the report, the baby was born in France and the couple [not yet married, though] stayed there for two months after the birth, before flying back to Manila where Onemig’s businesses are located. Sorely missed on tv and the big screen, the baby-faced actor [who is 30 years old] is now a full-fledged hot dad!

7 thoughts on “Onemig Bondoc is a hot papa!”

  1. I can give one reason why Onemig did not stay long in showbiz. He is what many people would describe as “amnesiac.” He doesn’t remember people, much less care for any of them. In showbiz, that counts a lot, sometimes more than talent, which he didn’t have either. Sometime ago, I visited him on the set of a shoot in Baguio and we had a long, long chat the whole night. Akala ko, nagka-bonding kami. When we were back in Manila, hindi na niya ako kilala. It isn’t an isolated case. I know of so many others who have been disappointed with his short memory.

  2. SOUR GRAPES GIVE SOUR MOUTH… these old press corps think they
    can flash card on anybody with a promise of, “i’ll help you, if you love me.” once dejected they use their pen to spread negative vibes. good for you Omenig, you stood up and did not give in to these ol’ queens…Om, you are on the right track, showbiz will not take you to heaven. GOOD LUCK.

  3. But my dear Anonymous (January 4, 2008 7:09 PM). I’m not talking about just the “ol press corps” but even production people and the staff of the outfits he was with. Anyway, no use arguing about someone who seems to have gone into retirement. Not everyone wants to sleep with this “hot papa,” mind you! Does he care about you, my dearie?

  4. SUCH A PITY…to grow old in a profession (or job) and still be labelled as UNPROFESSIONAL…

    people you mentioned are the doom of phil. showbiz. luckily, I.T. is sweeping away the ol’ press corps into oblivion and the infusion of progressive attitude of actors (like rafael rossell, Omenig Bondoc) who would not take B.S., are changing ill-spirited & maligned industry shakers & movers.

    puhh-leeez my sweetie, its 2008 not 1950 or 60s WAKE UP! IT’S NOT TO LATE TO CHANGE!

    (this is my last word…)

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