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Piolo against Marco

I think Piolo Pascual‘s movie, Love Me Again  [Land Down Under] is going up against Marco Morales‘s Butas. This is not entirely a news flash but I think there’s no competition there. One’s coming from a well-oiled machinery – and I’m referring to his studio, silly. The other one’s an independently-produced flick with “lots of male frontal nudity.” And while the household help may not be flocking to the movies to see Marco Morales take a shower au naturel or copulate with a curly-haired woman with monstrous mammary glands, the shiny happy people are eagerly anticipating this Butas caper on January 12 at the UP Film Institute and on January 15 at the Robinsons Malls’ cinemas.

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  1. hey rd baka naman may picture ka ni leonardo litton na old pa…yung new years photo nya sa chika chika yata yun na basang basa sya na nakabrief lang at bakat na bakat ang natigas nyang sandata….paki psot naman…tnx

  2. i dont think there’s a comparison between piolo and marco. mismatch. not because piolo’s movie is a star cinema while marco’s is an indie. BUT piolo is already “piolo” – the big star. while marco just started.

  3. there’s really nothing to compare between piolo and marco. much more to indie and main stream movie.

    did u notice what happened to the battle between “ploning” and “when love begins”?

    just an observation.

  4. piolo has a weird upper lip. i noticed it before but it is getting more pronounced as he gets older. his left upper lip is much thinner than the right.

  5. Hmm. Parang may condescension ang pagbanggit sa viewership ng Piolo-Angel movie. Tapos na ang panahon ng bakya, na mga naka-bakya lang ang nanonood ng Pinoy movies. Just saying.

  6. i think someday Marco Morales will be a big star like Piolo. He is a great actor din and I’m sure he will go into mainstream movies and tv.

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