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A boy in a tub! With a pretty face and a defined body, what more can James Reid ask for? I’m ticking perfection for James, from head to toe. It’s just me, and he works might fine for my taste.  Here he is, wet in a tub. Brooding, as all handsome guys should do.

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  1. Tinamad nang mag-gym? Sayang naman ang gains niya noon. No wonder Century Tuna dropped him as endorser. He looks more twinky than hunky now.

  2. What More can James ask for?……

    A. Wealthy sponsor
    B. True Love
    C. New on screen Love team
    D. All of the above

  3. Is it true that he is pabooking pero sobrang mahal ang asking fee nya, equivalent to his appearance fees sa mga mall????

  4. better na ito kesa dun sa isa na pabebeh feeling pogi feeling singer feeling actor! kadiri! ito gwapo talaga!

  5. Ang ganda ng mukha nya hndi nakakasawa, sana mag work out pa sya para lalong gumanda katawan!

  6. Tinamad na ito mag gym. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kaya lang sayang kasi honestly speaking na bigyan siya ng attention nung naging borta siya.

  7. Meron si Ogie Diaz na nude photo nito. Shot sa labas ng bahay. Gabi or madaling-araw kasi madilim daw. Hawak-kamay ang batuta. Malaki daw!

    1. Saw it na before. It was really dark. There is doubt kung sya nga. Profile looks like James though.

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