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This early, Sean de Guzman of Anak ng Macho Dancer fame, is getting his showbiz baptism of fire. In his case, there is a video circulating on the more salacious social media pages about a boy purporting to be him. Is this Sean? Internet sleuths unite and do your jobs!

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  1. Oh wow Momsh RD!!! Sha poh kea yan? Puhrang juts lang pehroh puhrang ang sherewp much! Di mukhang duhrty yung bayag nya. Yummers much!!!

    1. nasanay sa porn si bakla. Pero de p**a luluhod yan pag nasa harapan niya si boy. Porke kasi porn lang basehan ng d**k size ni bakla.

  2. No.
    (Said Mademoiselle Chanel to Mister Gerard, the grey fabric not doing anything for model Maria Elene in “The Return”, a film by KL.)

  3. Juts!!! I saw d vid, it really Sean… ung bracelet, curtains, bedsheet, room… check his IG post/MyDay/Tiktok same features…

    1. Yes napansinko rin yung bracelet at yung room. Plus the fact na same talaga ng mata at body type. Sobrang coincidence naman na yon no, so malamang sya na talaga

      1. Noon yun sa panahon nyo, hindi pinopost at wala pa internet. Ngayon, almost lahat willing ma post. Darating ang panahon, ang nude picture would be a status symbol, hehe. That how changes come.

  4. yup very much him. the bracelet was the ultimate clue on top of other indicators.

    maliit man pero wow ang kinis ng singit nya and mukhang super bango ng junjun nya. would still love to have the opportunity to taste it.

    so, the daddy there is daddy blake also, right?

  5. (Addendum)

    So, it’s authentic? So, the “karug” in the “Dancer” ads is just “added”?

    Guys/Admin, kahit sa socmed accounts niya lifted, it’s still possible he got a body double… Unearth from the Archives, here, that post about CP (the inaugural MrMW) identified as Fil-Aussie actor’s sub in that TV add for CT (canned fish?) a few years back… CP has his fair share of posts here and just recently was in Mindanao for a job.

  6. reklamo ng reklamo na juts…. malamang ano ba ang average size ng pinoy in regards to jun jun…. mga bobo lang ang amp… gusto nyo pala ng malaki pumunta kayo sa Congo…. ay nakalimutan ko nga pala mga slap soil ang iba, cant afford….

  7. May dahilan kung bakit sila binigyan ng house and lot….aside dun…nabababoy sila sa pelikula…para di magreklamo.bahay at lupa at mga kasunod na project na hubaran pa din ang tema ang kapalit.

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