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Derrick-Monasterio copy

Isn’t he a hottie? This barely legal actor in GMA, Derrick Monasterio is one of the best bets of the station for leading-man status in the future. While Derrick may be a newbie now, he’s expected to hit it big in the future.

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44 thoughts on “Splash

  1. Stay where you are. Pag lumipat ako sa dos, saglit lang ang sikat tapos after few projects wala na. Unless patulan nya mga bading dun. Ganun naman kalakaran dun. Saka pag sa Dos di sya mag-iimprove kasi puro pacute lang shows. All for the ratings! This is fact!

  2. Pls Derrick, wag na wag kang lilipat sa ebaks station!! Tyak laspag titi mo pag napadpad ka sa lugar na talamak ang sexual abuse ng mga baklang network executives don. Stay as fresh as you are sa GMA! Love ya! Hahahaha

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