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IanSooner or later it was bound to happen. That nostalgic swoon.  Now that 40-year-old actor Ian Veneracion is on tv’s most-watched prime time soap, you will request for a sexy shirtless photo of him. While Ian – happily married with three children, may be too old in your age-conscious standards for actors and male models, he’s actually in full fighting form. I do not have current photos of him nekkid or even shirtless, but this is the best I have of Ian. You can just do some wild imaginings.

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  1. hindi pa old ang 40 kung siya ang pag usapan natin! hindi pa, hindi paaaa!

    fuck me ian, oh la la…(jakol mode!)

  2. he will always be a hot dad, the fact that he’s married adds to his sex appeal. this pic says it all inviting us all who love men to come near him, grab his throbbing cock and suck it all day and night. ohh ! Ian pls fuck me now!

  3. Considering na mey foreign blood siya, I’m imagining him having a huge cock na mey magandang hugis at mapula-pulang cockhead…

    Ian, anakan mo ako! Wasakin mo ang baklang puke ko sa napakalaki mong tarugo, sige na please, aaaaah!

  4. he never had pics in swim trunks bikini nor underwear. The most is just a shirtless pic with cut off maong as far as I can remember. Yeah he is drool worthy but wishing too he’d go sexy even for just one time

  5. i think a few years ago ian had one indie movie wherein he played either gay or kabit ng gay and he had a bathtub scene. i’ve never seen the movie though. i just read about it in movie columns on the net. rd, can you please feed us more infor about that movie. i’m sure may alam ka dun. thanks.

  6. pabooking ito no… na meet ko na sya kasama ng friend ko bago sila nag hotel. nakuha nya ng 5k.

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