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The other Anderson

andersonCan the younger one surpass the older brother‘s showbiz career? Will Ken Anderson rise above the occasion?  I’ve always been fascinated with showbiz brothers, how life is unfair sometimes – often showering one family with the best genes and some, the gutter pool. The Andersons obviously got the beauty lot.

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  1. i go for gerald, he’s more good looking and much fuckable but in fairness to ken,he’s also sexy and has a nice bod.

      1. Wow ha kung maka panget ka. Baka nga pag nag hubad sa harap mo eto at pnakita na daks siya Baka nga sungaban mo agad. Pero finka niya papatulan. Kasi mas panget ka sa kanya

        1. hindi rin teh. kahit tumuwad pa yan sa harap ko. anong magagawa ko eh di ko type. ikaw ba kahit sinong lalaki, titigasan ka? well, not me. he’s not my type. plain and simple.

      2. he is all yours… not my type.. true.. nawala libog ko napastop ang pagfinger ko.. lantang gulay ang balls ko at sumekep ang puto tombong ko.. in other word, ayoko sa kenya

  2. wish ko lang malaos na sya para mapilitang maghubad na ng todo as a last ditch effort to maintain his quest for stardom. hihihi.

  3. He doesn’t even have a nice bod. But he’s so hot nevertheless. What if he goes to the gym more often? It will knock everyone’s socks (and underwear) off.

  4. Handsome face, mainly hair growth, smooth skin. Go get a good physique and you will be one worship-worthy Adonis.

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