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TomDen Again

The TomDen pair is back! This time though, they’re not canoodling as tragic lovers. On Saturday prime time, 1 March  2014, watch Magpakailanman where Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo portray Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] fighters who struggle hard to gain recognition in their field.  Expect some heavy drama, but bonus would have to be the boys shirtless in MMA shorts with side slits.
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  1. OMG!! TomDen!! I have always enjoyed their love team, and will continue to do so. I heard that GMA is already preparing a prequel to MHL, and this is something everyone’s looking forward to! Undoubtedly, Tom and Dennis are still the hottest male actors today!

  2. akala ko ba naman another gay love teleserye!!!!! hay im frustrated! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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