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Wendell Ramos accepts indecent proposals?

A few minutes ago at Showbiz Central on GMA 7, Bench-actor-with-the-flexed-butt Wendell Ramos was seated in a chair with electrodes attached to his fingertips, a blood pressure cuff on his arm, and a pneumatic tube strapped around his chest. In short, he was attached to a polygraph. The host asked him whether he has accepted any indecent proposals that came his way, and the actor answered “No.” The test results , however, showed that he was lying. For whatever it is worth, the lie detector test may or may not be conclusive. For sure, it will be a big issue against him though. After all, a lie detector, its proponents claim, records the “internal blushes” of a liar.
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    dapat si lolit solis ang bigyan ng lie detector test na iyan. lagyan ng electrodes lahat ang kaniyang body parts including those covered orifices where the sun doesn’t shine, at once and for all, malaman ang tunay na kulay niyang babaeng iyan. for sure
    she will fail with flying rainbow colours.

    as for wendell, don’t lose sleep over the test. sometimes life is a big lie so we can go on, even or ahead in life. just don’t over and often do it. controlled lying they call it… now wendell dear, you can whisper in my ear what was that secret you were lying about.

  2. i cannot pass judgment if ever he did, or if he lied. maybe he did at the start of his career when he was young. anyway, many actors have gone through that too. i hope people will leave that. let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

  3. di ba me tsismis noon between TOFFEE CALMA and WENDELL + ANTONIO AQUITANIA? toffee got lucky daw,bagets pa si wendell nun. at isa pa un tsismis with a vaklush fashion designer? eh si BEN CHAN pa?

  4. mark my words, lahat ng mga walang career or palubog ang career na biglang naging bench model, natikman na ni Mama Ben. *cough” wendell *cough* rafael rossel *cough* jon avila *cough* *cough* *cough*

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