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Whatever happened to AJ Dee?

There was a time when he was the most-favored boy in the backlot of ABS-CBN, causing many to wonder and speculate on a powerful person behind his good fortune. Now, the 25-year-old Angel James “AJ” Dee III has no projects on tv and he goes about town bemoaning this fact. Has he fallen of flavor, er, favor with his meal ticket inside the network? AJ Dee used to be a model [he was runner-up to Brent Javier in the Mossimo Bikini Summit] before doing tv and the movies. He is now waiting it out by doing the theater – currently in the production of Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.
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  1. Incidentally AJ means gay in Singapore LOL. It is a Fujian (a province in China) dialect meaning Sister. It is an abbreviation for Ah Jiay. But of course AJ could also be Armani Jeans.

  2. i noticed abs shifted its attention to his younger and equally sexy brother, Enchong, as AJ slowly faded into the background. ABS has this ineffective strategy of signing up many wannabes but fails to sustain their luster for long.

  3. i agree with aaron. AJ is a lot sexier than Diether na pa cute lang, kaya yung Ronin nya ay short lived. Diether has chicken legs, disproportiate to his abs.

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