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I’m going away for a while, which means I won’t be able to regulate the comments regularly. In the meantime I leave you with screen caps from a video I received some time back in the mail. It looks uncannily like someone I know, but I refuse to think it’s him. Nevertheless, with identity not fully established [and in doubt], this boy’s image still makes for one good subject of raunchy fantasies. Right?

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    1. how sure are we mga teh na boorat nga yan ni bembol rocco nacino??? pinagsawaan na yan nung baklang batchmate nya na mahilig mang amoy ng mga briefs ng mga co-models ???

  1. nasaan yung with face? as in yung buo? baka mamaya di naman kanya yan. feeling ko jutay sya.

  2. Grabeh! Kay Rocco ba tlga yan? Super crush ko kasi tlga cya RD! Peto kala ko mas malaki cya kesa sa dyan…

  3. gusto ko itong si rocco kahit hindi yung typical maputi at leading man type. ER type kasi kaya betsina ko talaga. kahit reggie pa sya.

  4. Icompare niyo ang lovehandles & pusod ng nota pic sa mga shirtless pics ni Rocco…Malaking posibilidad!

  5. Definitely not rocco ang titi. si Rocco may abs, yan may tyan. At ang liit nman ng titi na iyan at ang itim. it’s not rocco definitely! I should know noh! kalokah!

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