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Will Jam

Will Sandejas [standing] and Jam Melendez are two of the main actors stripping in the upcoming gay movie Oliver…Kung Ako Ikaw.  It promises to be the “most controversial movie of 2009,” and I’m betting it will have a generous heaping of X ratings from the MTRCB. So far, the plot line’s not yet revealed and everything is a bit hush-hush until the days prior to the showing date.  In the meantime, here is an advance promo picture of Will and Jam, hamming it up for the camera.
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  1. mukhang verde ang dugo nitong si jam melendez na ito!!
    ang taba pah, hahahaha

    but papa will, ohhhhhh, my kind of man… my frontal bah rd??

  2. if i’m not mistaking, i saw will sandejas this past noon walking around p.noval @ ust with a girl. he’s so tall in personal. it’s him i think!

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