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I always thought this boy Alden had all the promise to be the next great leading man of GMA. He had the height, a cute mug and determination. Of course, his young bod’s on its way into muscle fitness status, too. But something got snagged along the way, up the pop ladder. It seems nothing great is happening to his showbiz career, except for a show here and some appearances there. Too bad. How about more skin exposure?
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  1. kung yan yung alden, over-rated lang naman pala, kala ko e ganun ka-gwapo e parang di naman masyado.

  2. Gma seems got a challenge on making stars out of new finds. As it is now wla nga silang real great star. Yan ung mga tipong pag nilipat sa abs biglang mama magic. Though this guy has this weak personality and stance of this ex star circle quest na bading na npadpad na lang sa walang tulugan.


    Mag pose siya sa UNDERWEAR brand ng Folded and Hung. Like what Dingdong Dantes did to save his career!

    Stop the pa-cute or twitums image, go sexy and serious!

  4. CUPCAKE… so ordinary except for the icing and sparkles. from the start i wasn’t sold on this guy (looks, body and that annoying dimpled-smile). he seems being pushed to stardom but do not fit in the right peg-hole. a few more stupid teleserye at nasa backstage na iyan nagbubuhat ng props. thanks for GMA we have Ryzza to pass time.

  5. I’m sorry RD and to the other beki here…I do not agree that his career in showbiz is just going so so. He is one of the hottest teen star or actor today. I think the problem is finding the right leading lady for him. He is being paired up with Louise de los Reyes who I think does not really complement him.

  6. RD, ano ba yang pinagsasabi mo ke alden? sino sa mga past posts mo ang me pinakamaraming naging comments in the past? alam mo namang lumamlam ang rddantes blogsite starting last year at umunti ang followers o ang mga nagko-comment dito. marami na ang 50 comments ngayon sa mga wall posts mo unlike before.

    pero si alden richards umabot ng 189 comments sa “NEW BOY” na sa tingin ko e ang may pinakamataas na number of comments received. yan ba ang hindi sikat, RD?

  7. may mga tao kasi sa GMA Artist Center ang TATAMAD-TAMAD, ini-isnob ang mga indie producers at directors… o edi pakasasa kayo sa Tween Hearts niyo

  8. Sorry to say this but laguna is the place of easy to get boys at a very affordable price ! 500-1k you can have them for 1 night and mostly good looking ! Alden Richard is from Laguna.. so you can tell what I’m trying to figure out here.

  9. I agree. Definitely is in the wrong nextwork. Unfortunately, eo commercials or tv endorsements. But he is PROMISING!

  10. Well, di naman porke naghubad na e sisikat. Bata pa sya, give time for him to think kung ano talaga ang gagawin nya sa buhay. Parang hayok na hayok kayo sa katawan e. Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhaha.

  11. Hottest? Teh, gising. And Louise who?

    O sige ‘teh gising na ko… Sige mag-mention ka ng pangalan ng “hottest” para sa yo? Just be sure na marunong kang pumili ng hot at sikat at baka ikaw naman ang tarayan ng mga beki dito. E lahat ng lalaking pino-post ni RD dito e kung hindi bading e natikman ng bading, pa-booking o kaya me karelasyong bading and make sure na ikaw ay gising.

  12. Kaloka itong si rddantes. Hindi sikat si Alden? tapos bigla kong mababasa sa dating post na sikat si Paulo Avelino. hahahaha.

  13. Alden Richards has the makings of good actor and a dashing leading man with his looks and height. Hindi pa sya ganun ka-sikat. what do you expect e kelan lang ba sya nag-start?

    Si Robin Padilla nga hindi rin naman agad sumikat, di ba? Taon ang binilang bago sumikat. Isinasama lang naman sya as extra ni Direk Deo noon sa mga action films.

    At saka how do you measure popularity in showbiz?

  14. Alden Richards is definitely the young male star to beat!! He has the makings of a top calibre leading man dramatic actor! He will definitely be the next John Lloyd Cruz. Those people who keep bashing him definitely havent watched him act, becoz they are all centered solely on their Kapamilya idols and are freakin’ fanatics! And RD, Alden has a new primetime soap and it’s called Mundo Mo’y Akin opposite the new Kapuso Lauren Young. Alden is definitely hot and is a fine young actor.

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