One True Love

From now on, Alden Richards will forever be called Tisoy in showbiz. He should thank the stars for his character in One True Love, the prime time series of GMA that’s airing its finale tonight.  With the conclusion of the drama series that defined his star turn in the biz, GMA is all set to give Alden bigger projects in the near future.

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  2. Link naman jan, Myrna. Nacacaloca yan if da truew. Hahaha hahaha! We need (actually, want) proof! Hahaha hahaha!

  3. I sooo love Alden! Not really the gwapo type for me but his cuteness always blow me away. Dimples pa lang kinikiliti na ko. I want to see him in person.

  4. kabahan na c aljur at paolo avelino…pag nadevelop na katawan nito,kumpleto rekados mukha, me katawan at higit sa lahat marunong umarte..

  5. again. walang wala. parang si chard lang. please. i will only believe if he can pull off a box office hit. siguro hanggang shake, rattle, and roll lang.

  6. Having already proven his acting chops, Alden should take on more challenging roles in future projects to showcase his talent. He should also consider developing his physique for that well-toned sexy look. But for now, he’s just as fine as the character Tisoy.

  7. naging candidate sya sa Ginoong Sta. Rosa at ginoong laguna. bakit walang lumalabas na pictures nya doon na naka-swimwear o di kaya e video noong contest na sinalihan nya? sana me mag-share kung meron.

  8. ENDOMORPH…i must be blind, but forgive me cause i can’t really see anything special about this Alden guy. typical to his body shape, his face is not at all tisoy looks but actually looks more like a Hap Chan jumbo siopao. acting is so generic and typical many GMA pa-cute. give him a few more years and his fans will be worshiping a fatso Alden. my apology but i would rate him a 4 out of 10.

  9. Not a head turner, parang cutie lang na kapitbahay. Too bad low class ang aura, lalong nadidiminish ang kanyang low class appeal. But of course low class beckies would find someone like this guy attractive.

  10. Anonymous said…
    Sadly hindi marunong magpasikat ang GMA. Lipat na lang sya sa Dos.

    poor faq! life to you is full of fu–king network war! get a life! now na!

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