Hot Men in the Philippines


Well, whaddya know? Another set of Aljur pictures. 

Candid photos, I presume. 
But just enough to make us swoon.
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  1. Oh, Myrna Malibog! Wag ka na mag-post ng mga malalaswa at baboy na comments dito sa site ni RD, ok? Babuyin mo nalang yung mga male patrons mo sa parlour or sa paligid!

  2. wag lang magsalita or umarte kc nakakasira ng ilusyon… pero kung katawan lang, ay, go na! parang masarap magpa-hurt sa kanya. ohhhh, aljur! ang retokadong ilong ingatan ha, wag gamitin sa pag-romansa, hihihi!!!

  3. the mere suggestion that he looks like a gardener adds more to his appeal, because of our rabid imaginations regarding hot gardeners who get a tan from working all day, getting his hands dirty and whom we’d love to get a different kind of watering from.

    On a side note, he looks common, but the kind of common who looks like your biggest next door crush that you’ve been fantasizing on since forever. Which is definitely a turn on. I like him as a boy and hopefully as a man in the future.
    Lets all appreciate his pinoy beauty, I rarely find them these days with all the foreigners roaming around.

  4. parang tanga lang ang mga nagrerequest kay rd ng naka brief si aljur!! haha hello, eh kung meron ba eh di sana matagal ng nakapost dito!!! boba!!

  5. How can anyone says that he looks common or ordinary? What is the percentage of Filipino males who look like Aljur? One can walk around malls for hours and nobody would even come close. No question he is good looking by Pinoy standards. With his sculpted physique he is a bonafide hunk. His acting maybe suspect but it can always be improved. Ditto with his voice projection. It was alleged he had a nose job by some. No big deal if its true because many local celebs before him had that body part enhanced, i.e. Christopher de Leon. If one has the money, why not? After all most Pinoys have pudgy noses. And that malicious blind item of him not cleaning up,I would not even touch it. Its simply not believable.

  6. di rin naghuhugas ang mga americans and europeans…toilet paper lang ang gamit…so what is fuse about it kung tutoo man di naghugay…such a wicked chismis from wicked minds lol

  7. Common and ordinary faces? I can name a few famous dudes…Manny P. (either the boxer or the filthy rich businessman take your pick), and the Prez. LOL. In the Philippines they are dime a dozen. But definitely not Aljur! Hahaha

  8. Garrett Zebley and Mark Hartmann of Azkals dick shots. Candid. No joke. Place bid on each model. Garrett and Mark. Bid starts at 3k. If you got to place the highest bid, I will be sending you the photos but please, do not post it online. This is for personal pleasure purposes only and also, just to keep the models’ reputation of not having a ‘scandal’ over the internet. Just reply to this post via, @bidphoto

  9. so totoo talaga yung kina aljur at gibo? hanggang ngayon? accordingly, si gibo ang may bigay ng house & lot ni aljur ngayon sa la vista. way back 2010 pa.

    well, eat your hearts out guys. aljur has already mastered how to play his cards. and what’s more interesting, okey lang ito sa family nya.

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