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Hell yeah, it could probably be Aljur. The one on the right. Or maybe not. The other endorser for Blue Water Spa, launched a few days ago, is Aljur. But I think he sent his brother or some stand in for the shoot. Because the Aljur I know is the one on the left image – lean and fit and handsome. What do you think?
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    1. hihi. sa kakakain ng century tuna hotdog. pero parang kahawig siya ni ramon magsaysay na nakita ko sa tv. hihihi.

  1. I’ll take papa Aljur kahit ano pa ang hitsura niya, mataba, payat, whatever. Basta love ko siya forever and ever amen 🙂

  2. I’ve heard he’s really trying to be bulky.. Meron syang project na kelangan big muscled sya.. Oh well, sana lang hindi ma-shelf ang project na to.. Mejo la ocean deep na din kase si coffee prince..

  3. No doubt he’s handsome pero laos na siya, sayang wala kasing talent tapos ayaw pang mag brief. Wawa naman. Hehehe…..

  4. Bakit kailangan mag brief si Aljur? The gay fans of this blog who want every goodlooking dude to pose in skimpy undies can’t make or unmake any celebrity. You don’t have the numbers bekis. BTW, there is nothing wrong with the pic on the right. He gained a little weight but it looks good on him. And speaking of noses, have you checked your pug nose lately?

  5. I actually perefer the “stockier” aljur than the slim toned one. I cant believe people who comment here are very judgmental..kung maka-comment kala mo maganda.

  6. Lean and fit pa rin naman tong mga baklang toh kung makapuna kala ko pagkakaganda. Nagiging mature lang itsura nya, natural lang naman sa isang tao ang tumanda noh.

  7. He gained wt a little bit & he had a bad eye make-up in that spa pictorial. . kung sino man ang artist na gumawa nyn, don’t hire him again. . Aljur is always HOT. 🙂

  8. bk lang me project whatsoever na kelangan talaga ng bulkier look. pero i don’t know others why would say right pic is better., not unless left pic was photoshopped, it is by far much better than the right pic.

  9. Kung parang 10 year old ang titi ni Paulo Avelino,
    paano na kaya si Chuck Allie? Kailangan niyo nang bumili ng microscope!

  10. Si Paulo kahit maliit ang note niya di siya nahihiya mag skimpy kaya simikat siya e si Aljur guwapo at maganda ang body at maraming movies pero puro flop. What a shame di niya kayang magdala ng movie. Wawa naman. Hehehe…..

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