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The Butt Shots

This is cutie Andrew Aquino‘s obligatory butt shots for the new movie Playmates. The gay indie flick enjoyed relative success in its commercial run lately. With the warm reception given to Andrew in his daring role, expect more of him in soft porn flicks pretty soon.
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  1. rd, talagang ikaw na nga!…ikaw na nga ang pinaka the best!!!…thanks for featuring these pics of andrew ….yummy talaga! alam ko meron pang marami kaso pinawithdraw ng producers ni andrew …bakit kaya? o, eto na mga bakla na nainis sakin kc andrew ako ng andrew…don’t tell me na ‘di kayong naglalaway ngayon….aminin! ipost na rin yong ibang kuha rd…pls!

  2. if only he could have his big mole on his his upper left brow removed..then we would have look much better…that mole is distructing…jaust look at enrique “moleless” iglesias now..

  3. DOOGIE HOWSER. so eto na yung andrew na laging nirerequest nung isang baklita dyan? PWE. hay naku bakla, napakalow class mo. magkulot ka na lang ng buhok sa parlor at humada ng mga tambay na sumisinghot ng rugby sa kanto, tutal mga ganung uri lang pala ang habol mo.

  4. interesting is it not?
    how most of us question the morality of people involved in these kinds of industry. posting comments of how they are exploited, yet is this the place to vent out our hidden frustrations at being unable to attain their flesh?

    if some of us are disgusted at how people handle their own lives, there is no point in posting on this blog. after all it is a blog dedicated to looking at hot men in the phils. so why not take your morality and rant it out on religious websites.

  5. poor guy. taking the gay sexploitation route to stardom – which we all know is the road to showbiz nothingness.

    coco martin is the exception. all the rest, exposed their bodies and where are they now?

  6. wiz ko type! paminchuaylah dating e! yung nunal sa noo parang kay charo santos-conscious, tapos yung legs na mabuhok na kulut-kulot pa, parang kay roderick paulate anubayan!

  7. aaay, flat as a pancake pala ang behind. nasobrahan sa kayuyugyog at kadadagan kaya naplatada? wahahahahahahaa..

  8. kailangan munang ibabad sa chlorox toh tapos paliguan ng alcohol para madisinfect. kadiri i wouldn’t touch that guy with a ten foot pole. so dugyout. oh so dirty. eeewww….

  9. over na ang manager ng otokong itech sa pagpopost ng praise releases huh. hoy vaklush bistado ka na, as is naman tataas ang street cred ng alaga mo sa pagpopost mo ng praises noh!

  10. rd, puede “front shots” naman para malaman kung may laman yong hinaharap nya! hehehehe! nagbabaka sakali lang!

  11. Anonymous said…

    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    hahahahaha! the question is…would both abnoy and andrew allow you to fuck them? look at yourself in the mirror first before you say something! ILUSYONADA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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