Another X for Andrew Miguel

Just a little bit more of the patience, guys, and Andrew Miguel‘s new video Freshman will be approved soon by the MTRCB. Just recently, the sexy flick went through the Committee on Second Review after an X rating in the initial showing and classification. Unfortunately, Freshman was disapproved again. There will be an appeal soon and maybe some of the more delicate and sensitive scenes will have to go through the cutting room. Let’s wait and see…

31 thoughts on “Another X for Andrew Miguel”

  1. wow, sarap naman ni Andrew, sarap ng t*t* nya bakat na bakat, sana my t*t* nudity video nya, sarap ng nipples pink na pink…

  2. I would just like to clarify something, is this video a movie made for cinemas or a straight-to-video flick? Bakit ang MTRCB ang nagrereview nito eh MOVIE and TELEVISION review and classification board sila? I understand that it is the OMB or Optical Media Board’s job to review VCDs and DVDs. I might be mistaken with my info so any clarification or correction is very welcome. salamat…

  3. uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhh! he really gets me!!!!!!

    SANA LUMABAS NA TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …and the ither way around HAHAHA

  4. Sarap nya makatalik. Ang laki ng penis niya, kissable ang kanyang lips at ang sarap ng utong nya. I love Andrew Miguel. Mahal ko na siya.

  5. Can’t we just do away with the MTRCB? They’re just a waste of our taxes. Do we even need censorship when we have ratings to warn the curious?

  6. Buwisit talaga yang mga media board na yan, from what i heard puro cut narin ang video release ng “Butas” at “Sagwan”.
    Sana me abogado or people who know law na tulad natin, na puwede lumaban sa restrictions na yan. Video na nga lang pinagdadamot pah…

  7. wow, sarap naman ni Andrew, sarap ng tt nya bakat na bakat I love Andrew Miguel. He’s so hot and handsome.Sarap nya makatalik AT CHUPAIN. Ang laki ng penis niya, kissable ang kanyang lips at ang sarap ng utong nya.MORE THAN WHAT OTHERS COULD OFFER. B BEST.

  8. I agree with what the other poster said. What does the MTRCB has to do with this? From what I can see by the advertisement, this is a straight to video flick like the others that had been coming out. Saka why the hell they have to review this when its for private use? THE MTRCB REALLY SUCKS!!!

  9. pucha naman! straight-to-dvd release na nga dadaan pa sa MTRCB? if i watch it in the privacy of my bedroom, ano pa ba problema nila? are they afraid it will corrupt my mind and sway my morals? eh paano pa sila na nakakapanood ng katakot-takot na sexy scenes in their original uncut versions? ano na kaya ang lagay ng utak at morality nila? pucha talaga! this is such a hypocritical society. santambak ang bars diyan showing nude boys and girls on stage on a nightly basis pero di mapasara (dahil me kapit?) tapos yung dvd na panonoorin ko sa privacy ng aking bedroom eh i-e-X pa? sa lipunan natin, yang morality na yan eh parang damit na na naisusuot at nahuhubad depende sa okasyon. arghhh!!!

  10. baka naman pakana lang din ito ng marketing team ng videoflick para bumenta itong video na ito…teka, may video release na ba ang butas at sagwan? ang alam ko ang sobrang pinutol putol at tinakpan ng silhouette eh ang commercial release nito sa gale. eh bakit ang part 2 ng m2m eyeball, hindi na-X eh ang daming nota exposures nito? kakabili ko lang sa astrovision last weekend. kung makatatlong X ba ito eh diretso din sa malacanang for appeal?tingin ko marketing strategy lang ito para pag-usapan kasi medyo saturated na ang straight to DVD gay films market at yung last release ng same outfit na exxxtreme eh sobrang chaka…but can’t wait for this one dahil mukhang masarap ang bida, hahaha

  11. Just to note, to other posters, MTRCB was given an additional power to rate DVD & VCD releases. This was done a few years ago when a certain video by Erap against GMA was banned by MTRCB. Here’s a wiki link for all (

    So yes MTRCB has to approve this straight to video release.

    I was just wondering, why cant the distributors just release via on-line(ala i-tunes), the buzz about the video is anyway release via different websites or blogs such as this. I think people who tends to shy away from the shelf containing this video would more likely buy it on-line right. Maybe RD could do the one selling on-line. Just a suggestion.

    Cheers everyone

  12. blame “sagwan” sa paghihigpit ng mga taong concerned. monti, this is your fault. wala ka kasing pakundangan kaya ayan, we’re back to the ice age…

  13. isa lang ang sagot dyan: UNDERGROUND RELEASE. I think another comment on a previous post called for this. Nagawa nga sa original M2M Eyeball, bakit hindi dito. We can have the online bloggers disseminate the info to those interested at bahala na ang sambayanan kung bibili sila or hindi. Direct-buy ng direct-to-video, wala pang classification ek-ek kasi alam naman ng bumibili kung ano ang laman nyan di ba? what do you all think?

  14. umaapaw ang sex appeal nito. bakit ngayon lang sya nakilala? more info about him please. i wanna have him!!!

  15. Mas maganda kung UNDERGROUND release nalang! Nakakadala nang bumili from video stores na na-“sanitized” na ng stupid MTRCB!

  16. sana maganda ito… kapag kasi videoflick ang naglabas ng video, puro pa sweet at pa sexy lang… unlike yung nag release ng M2M eyeball 2 at unkoverdboyz… hindi ka mabibitin… medyo hindi nga lang ganoong ka good looking ang mga guys pero hot na hot yung video… hindi nakakabitin… 🙂

  17. sssshhhhhhooooooooocccccccckkkkksss!!!!ang gwapo,yummy ni papa andrew miguel…srap chupain ng bonggang bongga!!!isubo mo n skn ung mlki mong tite!!!at mgkantutan tayo ng pnghbng in 2 the highest level!!!

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