More Andrew Miguel!

For viewing pleasure, while we wait for the release of the video Freshman starring a mysterious and from-out-of-nowhere cute guy, here’s another photo of Andrew Miguel, which photo was also included in the video package. This one’s a bigger and clearer picture of a seemingly flawless and yummy boy. Let’s hope that the video will be approved soon, without too many cuts.

17 thoughts on “More Andrew Miguel!”

  1. Mas ok siguro kung i underground release nalang nila kesa idaan pa sa MTRCB. Nakakadala nang bumili pag na screen ng MTRCB. HARANG! I guess that’s how the others feel and would think twice buying. Kung underground, mas ligtas pa sila sa video piracy. How come yung “Sikreto Ni Kuya”? had so many female frontal nudes and yet they’re making it difficult for this one simply because its a guy? Duh?

  2. hope ma release this video soon!!! hey rd, meron sa youtube nag upload ng pinoy gay kamasutra??? direk to video kaya yun.. sobra nakaka ang trailer nya. 🙂


  3. speaking of pinoy gay kamatsura, bakit naman tong direct to video na itech, walang ka ugong ugong if ever, na kinatay ng mtrcb o di nakalusot chorva?

    ano yun, selective ang pinapalusot ng mtrcb sa mga nirereview nila?

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