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Sensuous: Anthony Torres

The sweaty, cute guy’s name is Anthony Torres, a 23-year-old entertainer affiliated with Lips Bar. He says he loves playing billiards, basketball and games in his PC. The 5’8″-tall entertainer is also a student at present [school undisclosed], supporting himself with earnings from his work.
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  1. RD my new year’s WISH, please feature GINO ETRONE of UE Warriors… Promise dadagsain ka ng mga emails from the gay community….GINO is kinda HOT!

  2. YES kafatid, pwede i book si GINO ETRONE. 40K pero sulit garantisado GOOD IN BED at well endowed… from antipolo to pampanga hahahaha. Kaya lang mahirap sya i book ngayon kasi naman kafatid fully booked na sya for the month of January 2008….

  3. damn, ang sarap ng puwet! one of the most luscious asses ever photographed. (or is it one of the most lusciously photographed ass?)

  4. Hi, Lickthatbrownass. Tama yung una. As the first comment in this post says, it is delicious. As you say, it is “one of the most luscious asses ever photographed.” Cannot be “one of the most lusciously photographed ass?” (ASSES is grammatically correct), ‘coz there aren’t many “luciously photographed” asses around.

  5. uh, thanks, but my point was either (1) he has one of the best asses ever talaga or (2) his ass was just photographed well (‘lusciously photographed’ ass). -lickthatlusciousbrownass

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