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Anton Bernardo against Danny Ramos

Remember Anton Bernardo, the 90’s sex symbol who worked his way through the sex flicks back then? Well, he is back and raring to tell his story in Japan as an entertainer. Currently, Anton is in the new GMA series Joaquin Bordado, and his resurgence in showbiz comes with his tell-all about his exploits in Nagoya as a bartender. He said he was with Leandro Baldemor, Toffee Calma, Justin Cuyugan, Gerald Madrid and Ralion Alonso in Japan. He also revealed that erstwhile sexy actor Danny Ramos [right photo], duped him into working for Santaro Club [owned by Danny’s rich Japanese wife]. Anton reportedly got less than what was agreed upon for two months work in said club. Nevertheless, Anton is raring to face the cameras again. In fact, he is also in a Viva Digital movie entitled Torotot [Destierro].
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  1. anton is leandro mendrez…was part of my past…for a good 4 months in the latter part of 1996, one year before seiko beckoned and signed him up as male sex object for the movies.

    the images are still fresh: waiting for him at starmall (called manuela before), driving him to buting, pasig where he used to reside, dropping him at mercury drug to keep relationship discreet… trysts in between…his chinita wife was pregnant then (the kid must now be 12 years old…)..he is such a gentle may be divine providence that our paths – and swords – crossed when his mindset was unadulterated by the klieg lights, when his manhood was supple and crisp, and his manly scent as pure as the avon perfume he peddled at megamall when our eyes met…

  2. Ay, Demure. Idol pa naman kita. Bakit ka kiss-and-tell tungkol kay Anton. It’s a fond reminiscence but it should be private na lang.

  3. To Anonymous (February 13, 2008 6:33 PM).

    Thanks dearie for your feedback!
    And I really regret that. I did not intend to use my Demure monicker but I unconsciously clicked Demure instead of Anonymous. It was too late to undo it and let it go.

    (FYI: in my previous comments on some guys posted here I have been intimate with, I signed up as Anonymous, using taglish in my comments to hide my writing style, or skipped it altogether. But this one on Anton was an oversight….)

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