The Eclipse Fitness Center Guy

Arcie [left] and RC?

In case you are wondering who that guy is in the billboards of the first 24-hour gym in the Metro, Eclipse Fitness Center, his name is Arcie Saco. You wouldn’t miss the guy with the great abs and, uh, great abs, in the banners of the gym, which has branches along Mabini Street in Manila and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. An IT and computer engineering graduate of Cebu’s University of San Carlos, Arcie Saco is also a fitness coach. I’m just wondering now if he is the same guy RC who competed in the male-ploitation bash, Boylets, a couple of years ago. The boys there were naked on stage or wearing flimsy material called underwear [see photo above].

7 thoughts on “The Eclipse Fitness Center Guy”

  1. yup, looks like the same person. what is the exact address of this gym? any oontact number? i might enroll in that gym na lang since it’s 24 hours. hmmm…wondering kung anong workout doon at around 1 am. hehehehe

  2. there is also a 24 hour gym somewhere in QC and its called planet infinity…and i think it is the first 24 hr gym

  3. OMG RD!!!!! Si coach arice nga itich! grabe ang tagal ko na shang pinagnanasaan!!!! super sarap niya, lalaking lalaki… ang katawan, perfect! pabook ba sha dati? graveh. nasa eclipse gym sha mga 9AM-9PM. shnepre lagi kong inaabangan ang pagbihis niya sa locker room. hahaha. please post more pics!!!!!!!!!

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