Wet Wet Wet

In the aftermath of the tropical storm that hit the metro and some parts of the country yesterday, here’s bikini contest veteran Bembol Cabasal, naked and wet, with nothing but a leaf to cover his privates.  Bembol was the 2004 winner of Sta. Lucia Mall’s annual Mr. Sexy Body contest.  The 28-year-old hunk also got into the finalists circle in the 2007 Subic Beach Bodies. 

9 thoughts on “Wet Wet Wet”

  1. funny how he looked like my female cousin… hahaha anonymous is right, mukha nga syang tranny… and I have this thing for “kirat(s)” but this one is ridiculous for my taste XD

  2. chakaboylet. hahaha. ano ba yan? not all bikini contestants (past and present) have good looking faces. hahahaha. basta ba may 6-pack, oks na?

  3. psssst:

    if you want to see how harry laurel looks now, and in his “cocksuckable” best, grab your copy of the latest issue of frontman reloaded. harry looks coy in its front cover, but flip through the centerfold, inside back cover, and in the inside pages, and your loins will turn warmy and wetty, what with his cock teasing and saying the hard truth in his white skivvies. ahhh, my treasure down south kept throbbing as i stared at his arrow, in this beautiful morning after two pumping days of typhoon frank…

  4. hi john aspen. for this free plug, i could request for a reimbursement of my P150 purchase of frontman, right? but perish the thought – the amount is not even enough for gasoline.

    (btw, i’m not demure; i’m erumed, which sounds more exotic and androgynous like the men in this blog. lol)

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