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Aly Amazing

More of team captain of the Philippine Azkals football team, Aly Borromeo! The 28-year-old Filipino-American hunk is one of the newest Bench Body studs who made it to the ads and boards of the underwear company. Apparently, he’s also leading the charge in the battle with rival F&H for briefs-and-thongs model supremacy in media. Isn’t he hawt?
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  1. he looks way hotter at this angle…
    clearer photo treatment too…

    *sizzle sizzle*

    happy tuesdays! 😀
    awesome stuff, RD man. 🙂

  2. Anonymous said…

    my goodness enough of this bingot! i’ve seen enough pictures of bingots to last me a lifetime!

    -2 things:

    1. pakamatay ka para matapos ang problema mo.

    2. wag mo sya tignan.


  3. please look vividly on his upper lip. He underwent cheiloplasty procedure for his cleft lip(bingot in tagalog). Cheiloplasty is medical term for repair of cleft lip. The surgeon who performed the surgery was good coz the scar is vaguely noticeable.

  4. Aly ano ba….huwag mo naman painitin katawan ko…now kailangan ko tulog magshower …cold shower……yum yum yum….ang gander ng katawan….abs kung abs ang dating

  5. Mauubusan na talaga ako ng tams kay Aly.! I like the top photo the best..and also the bottom…damn i cant decide, im so hot for this guy!!!

  6. these ruggedly handsome guys lose their appeal when they have make up on!

    but he is HOT! especially the bulge. now i know his religion. haha

  7. hay naku bench ibalik na ang volcanoes talnog talo kayo ng F&H walang binatbat si ali kay neil noh! hahahahahahahay!

  8. Aly is the best talaga! Sya pinaka sexy sa group nila. Si Neil ok lang, pahaba ang fez kasi hindi proportional…

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