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Birthday Suit

Let’s all send some love (and lots of lust) to our favorite boy Ahron Villena who’s a year older today. He’s done us a huuuge favor in the past with his revealing photos. These were from his past photos with Bench when he donned the gay apparel to a T (back). And while 32 is just a number, methinks he still looks mighty fine.

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  1. How can he be 32 when he joined that artista search with Aj Dee and Kiko Matos 20 years ago. 12 lang cya nun?

    1. Tanga mo teh. 2004 ung show na un. 15 years pa lang nakakalipas. Ibig sabihin 17 years old sya sumali. Advance ka teh mag-isip o wala ka talagang isip?

    2. TV Idol Your the Man. Ang bet ko nun si JE Sison. Mukhang daks at makatas yun eh. Sarap sarap! Yung isa naman na si Mark Cortez nagout na ng bongga.

  2. Saw him together with joel palencia in S&R aseana one time…halatang may ganap sila… or are they related?

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