Hot Men in the Philippines


His gym shorts stop right at above his knees,
and whenever he moves, I see his meaty thighs
bouncing beneath the cotton.
It’s very distracting, and my form suffers.
Reader amway415 sends in this image of Terrence Carrol [left] and Oliver Saunders of the PRFU Volcanoes. Probably this was taken during their calendar shoot for the controversial Bench Body boards. While the photo’s a bit blurry, images of sweaty hunks in a room stir up fantasies of lust and sex and passion among the boys. Hot!

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  1. HOT indeed…NYC is toasting at 38 deg. humidex 50. those Pinoys in the big apple are becoming apple fritters. Ha,ha,ha!

  2. San ba pwedeng magsend ng photos sayo?? marami kasi akong collection ng bromance ni Ned Stephenson and Ben Saunders eh. 🙂

  3. That’s what u call prime angus beef…meat meat meat meat…yummy delicious meat……ayyy….slurp lick gobble

  4. confirmed! maraming nagpapahada sa volcanoes dahil mga poor pala ang karamihan sa mga yan! the trick is knowing the right bugaw…of course i’m not sharing! bwahahahaha!

  5. Swerte naman ni Lola Bench natikman nya lahat ang mga itong boys na ito kapalit ng endorsement? Kainggit!

  6. si Kenneth Stern
    si Ned Rush Stephenson
    si Patrice David Louis Olivier

    hayzzZ break, lunch and dinner yum-O

  7. pano namang hindi masosold out ang calendars eh andaming mga swapang na bakla na naghoahoard! si mayor sherwin nga 100 copies pa ata ang inorder! mama ben chan it’s time for a reprint!

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