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Dennis HD


Oh, such gay gladdening! While we’re getting a lot of sexy images of late about this boy Dennis Trillo, we’re not complaining. Mr. Trillo is having the time of his [underwear modeling] life! Yes, he’s the current favoritest in the underwear company’s backlot (or basement) and we’ll be seeing more of him in racy, risqué pictures soon! Maybe the VPL and money  shot next?


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  1. Now i really like him na, especially when i stood by him at halos magkasingtangkad pala kme. Imagining both our bodies and tools nagkikiskisisan hahaha pantasya tlga but i can bet mine is bigger, thicker and longer hahaha

  2. kaya binabalikbalikan ng malanding si cristine reyes. magaling kasing kumantot si dennis. performance level ang gago. kiliting kiliti ang clitoris si ate cristine sa tarugo ni papa dennis na di naman ganun kalakihan

  3. Love him so much!! Dennis was able to transform himself from the teeny hearthrob-boy-next-door type to a super hunky and delicious papa! Like what Dingdong D. has also become.

  4. paggising mo sa umaga tapos ito ang bubulaga sau, pwede ka ng di kumain maghapon dahil busog na busog na ang mata mo!

  5. naku maliit o malaki man ang etit wapakels kasi certified TNL tong si papa dennis! Kantutin mo ko dennis now na!
    nagiintay na pukelya kez!

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