33 thoughts on “Enhanced”

  1. Ahm, like hish delishh body pouh and pabhakat tite, pehroh puhrang mash pogi pouh shi ex-Papa Vin quoh pouh kesha sha kanya. But him hot ash well aman pouh… Hihi…

    1. Stars like alden and daniel dont need to do a bl they are the current matinee idols of their respective networks okay 🙂

  2. i love the speculation regarding derrick’s bulge.

    i’d like to believe it’s his. half-pinoys get the best of both worlds. the foreigner size meets the ‘tigas’ ng pinoy.

    1. Urur. Derrick na yan oh, tapos stomach filler, if I know ang bet mo yung mga bikini boys eewww what kind of taste is that

  3. Ba’t kaya kung sino pa kaduda duda kasarian sila pa lubos nagtatagumpay. Cla pa iniidolo ng mga masa tulad halimbawa nila pioling at aldena para clang may mahika he he. Swerte pa cla sa boyfriends.

  4. Mga accla, vetchina ko itey mag-Kapamilya kahit wala na kaming prangkisa hakhakhakhakhak.

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