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Full Body

It’s still summer in this side of the pond, and Yasser Marta’s bringing some hot, hot heat! He’s on-and-off with the Bench Body endorsements, but it’s worth the wait when he comes booming with those underwear shots. We hope to see more hair next time though. But we’re good for now!

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    1. Even if the “oten” were big & thick ay dika parin papatulan. Tingin namin gumaganti ka lang kase pinahiya ka nung nilandian mo siya kaya sinisiraan mo like a True B.K.!

  1. Mas may isasarap pa ito kung pakakalbo or very short hair like Zayn Malik, yung hair style kasi niya parang pang Grade 10… dapat i package siya as sexy actor at i graduate na siya ng KaP as teeny bopper, di talaga bagay sa kanya, matured roles na dapat.

  2. pls fix the side post section. we want thumbnails. this new site is ok but please make the sideposts available on top-side section

  3. It’s possible AI was used to ‘shave’ Yasser… It’s easy to modify bodies with this technology. Mukha nga, nababago. Bul(2x) pa.

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