Hot Men in the Philippines


This is how you do underwear. With lots of chutzpah and bulge, bulge, bulge! I think this is Harry Morris of the Philippine Volcanoes, that group of large men who do rough rugby. This was in the recent Bench Body show where the men tried to outdo each other with their, uh, assets.
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  1. I saw the Bench show and I can attest to the massive bulge! Love the chunky bod too! If you look at him closely, he’s got acne marks on his face but those are totally negligible. I can lick him from head to toe anytime.

  2. intumescence.. chutzpah.. duh!! Big words! feeling naman ng baklang to eh mga high brow ang nag bisit ng site nya… Malaking Tse!

  3. I aw him fully naked while taking a shower at ULTRA. Not impressive. Decent size balls but his dick is very small, sort of a baby dick. My friend and I were wondering he’s not shy at all showing his small pecker in front of a handful of men inside the shower room. The shower room was open, no partitions, but could have turned his back, but instead he displayed his tiny peeped for all to see. After showering, He dried and changed beside me, so I got to see him up close. He may have a huge bulky body, but he’s a typical jock with small dick.

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