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PRFU 6: Big Boy Kit

If you like big handsome boys, here’s Francisco “Kit” Guerra of the PRFU Volcanoes. The 23-year-old hunk is Filipino-Australian, and he’s a construction manager back home. Kit plays flanker for the national team.
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  1. ouch! that face reminds me of the agonizing pain of being plunged at the back the first time hihihi!

  2. malaki to….nakita ko sya sa video ng bench photoshoot, at mas malakas ang appeal nya dun…

    di pa matigas ang titi nito, lalo na sigurong malaki yan pag matigas..

    super like…

  3. he is not filipino australian…his parents are both filipinos…..he is cute but a little suplado

  4. Hi RD, just a request. pls. post naman paulo avelino’s new bench body pics, particularly his billboard along edsa makati. I haven’t seen it but based on twitter comments, panalo daw. Many thanks and take care!

  5. To the anonymous person who said he is not a fil-aussie guy:

    filipino – australian sya noh. it doesn’t mean na if your mom and dad are both filipinos eh filpino lang sya, eh if he’s a filipino either born or raised in australia he can be labeled as filipino-australian. ano ka ba!

  6. bakit ang panget nung pic? may bubong ung sky? halata tuloy fake. sana nag-crop naman ng maayos

  7. Nakita ko din FB pics nito, ang laki ng pinagbago nya from lean to fat! Mas gusto ko fez nya nung thin pa sya. Boyish na boyish!

  8. RD post mo ulit si Ned ang gwapo nya nakita ko na FB nya andami mya shirtless! ANG CUTE NG SMILE NYA!

  9. he didnt grow up in australia…………he lived in china ,usa and the philippines……..he never lived in australia……

  10. Kit Guerra used to be the bunso of the group. Maliit at boyish looking. Ngayon mamang mama na.

  11. kakatawa naman ung nagsabi na di siya Filipino Australian dahil both his parents are Filipino, tama kaya! di naman sinabi na half Pinoy-half Aussie e… the term Filipino Australian means he is Australian in citizenship but with Filipino Ancestry! in tagalog, Australian ang citizenship niya pero lahing pinoy siya, gets?

  12. yuk! macholesterol! bad for the heart! sabi ko na nga ba hindi lahat ng volcanoes masasarap! this one is so masebo! i wouldnt dare book this guy, baka magkaheart attack pa ko noh!

  13. He’s not Filipino then – he’s Australian. He was born to Filo parents in Australia. Therefore, he’s Australian.

  14. He’s not Filipino then – he’s Australian. He was born to Filo parents in Australia. Therefore, he’s Australian.

    July 3, 2011 2:41 AM

    Gurl, there’s a big difference between Race and Nationality, yung term Fil-Aussie is used as an adjective, to differentiate him from the rest of the Australians who could be of European, Chinese, Japanese, or even African descent, though saying he is Australian is correct, its better to call him Fil-Aussie JUST to show his Filipino lineage. ok?

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