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Something sweet and sticky…

…. ♪ running’ down my hand ♫ Cute boy Benjamin Alves is on a sexy Bench Body blitzkrieg these days! And he’s teasing and taunting in dem skivvies!  It looks like he’s pretty much staying in the Bench stable of underwear models for a long, long time.
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  1. what the heck?!? did he just come out with this pic? not liking it. mas sexy at mas may laman siya sa previous pics niya.

  2. ang tambok ng puwit nito kahit naka-pants, nakita ko sa personal. kaso mukhang “elusive” sa personal, ayaw kinukunan ng letrato kahit ng press, etc.

  3. Sana from behind na lang ung shot mas may bukol panpwet niya kesa sa nota. O baka blinur na naman ng bench adobe artist ito. Sayang.

  4. Does anyone knows LUCAS TAGARDA here? The former basketball player of UE RED WARRIORS.? Any latest news about him? The last time I saw him was in 2009. Update please!

  5. This was taken nung February 2013 pa by Ronnie Salvacion. He looks different here. He’s better looking today compared to that photo 🙂

  6. mga beks, don’t be stupid. alam naman mina-market ni kuya sa pic na may licking Popsicle. di naman babae bibili ng brief at marami na ang maperang beks

  7. nahihilig ata si jonas gaffud mag alaga ng mga bottomessa ngayon? don’t tell me top na ang lola jonas nyo?

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