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T-Rod On Top

One day, Bartolome Alberto Mott will look back and remember these: that he took on the un-fancy name Tom Rodriguez in Philippine showbiz;  that he struggled in the industry for eternity [4 years]; that he made one giant leap to leading-manhood via the late-lamented, queer-as-f*#k tv series on GMA, My Husband’s Lover; and, that he became an underwear endorser for retail giant Bench Body. Everybody loves Tom these days!
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  1. i so love him. for me he is an epitome of a real man….good looks, good body and definitely average dick but powerful fucker.

  2. disappointing. parang nakadiapers sa kapal nung kung anuman nandun sa undies. was this photoshopped to remove the bulge? may bakat naman si tom, usually. malala yung sa temptation island scene nya na hulmang-hulma yung etits nya. dito, wala.

  3. Love the shot! Love the bulge! Love the legs! I love Tom Rodriguez! Undoubtedly, he is the hottest and most in-demand male star today! He’s got the looks and body, he knows how to act and sing! Saan ka pa?

  4. Thanks for this, RD! Sana marami pang lumabas na ads nya. And hopefully, Bench releases a BTS video. Thanks again!

  5. I like tom.. Pero cant help it natawa ako s site na toh: adiktv wordpress hahaha.. Wawa naman si xian lim bat nga nmn puro selfie

  6. supot pa siya.. confirmed.. maliit oa siya pumunta ng america, tapos hindi na siya napatuli ng magulang niya. kasi dito sa america pinapatuli na at birth .. pero pag hindi matuli mahal na pag malaki na. so hanggang ngayon supot pa siya.. daming anak ng pinoy dito na hindi tuli mga malaki na.

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