Top Gil

That stare! We take what we have, and Bench Body delivers the boys fresh from its underwear factory. This time, it’s Gil Cuerva, tall and dashing actor from GMA. He’s working it, and everything’s fine in the world. For now.

47 thoughts on “Top Gil”

      1. Anyway, thank you for that question. Upon further research in RD’s old posts, it can be observed that his regular sized balls hang low near his perineum. If those are balls protruding in these red briefs, it looks weird. I therefore conclude, that’s his penis head pressing against the fabric, making it appear to be bigger than it actually is. That is not to say that the penis head is not big. It does look big compared to other local specimens. Please check Gil in powder blue briefs and in cyan briefs by entering “gil cuerva” in the search space provided above. It is very likely that he has a penis with a thick glans. In the cyan briefs picture, his flaccid penis appears to be pointing 5 o’clock, while in the powder blue briefs, the glans seems to point at 1 o’clock. So, in conclusion, what is essential is invisible to the eye that has not researched. And it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of Gil Cuerva’s penis head, than for his penis head size to pass through the eyes of the undiscerning viewer. I thank you.

  1. Noong long hair siya, hindi ako sexually attracted sa kanya. Pero now, super hot niya. Tapos malaki pa raw kargada nito.

    1. sila ba ni Vina Morales. may-December love affair. Happy for Vina who at 50 found a man who can be her son. Love rules.

  2. Daks talaga to. Kahit dun sa unang underwear pic niya sa Bench halata yung vpl pati kahit pag nasa show nila ni Jennelyn dati nakapants pero alam mong malaman ang anez. Love Gil. Model na model din datingan.

    1. Meron eksena sa show niya with Julie Ann, “My Guitar Princess”. Nasa ilog sila, kaya kapit na kapit yung shorts niya after getting wet. Kitang-kita yung VPL. Grabe, ang sherep!

  3. yung iba ayaw kay vin abrenica pero gusto si gil cuerva.
    ako ayaw si gil cuerva pero gusto si vin abrenica.

    1. Ah talaga? Baka multo ka na dai. Paramdam ka din sa bahay nyo kung nararamdaman ka nila. Baka isa ka na lang usok

  4. I was gonna get a snap of this pic in gmall toril davao because i can’t find a soft copy of the poster and finally it’s out. I don’t need to risk my dignity HAHAHAHA

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