Bruce Quebral for Bench Body!

It’s Bruce Quebral, the baller-model-actor who shot to relative fame via Big Brother! Now, he’s in the Bench Body ads ala 300, all moody and hardy. Not much has happened to his movie [he was pulled out of the Regal Films’ flick Desperadas at the last minute] and tv career, contrary to what was expected when he was still inside the Big Brother house. He has appeared in a couple of tv assignments in his home studio, though. The family breadwinner from Cainta, Rizal has no regular show yet on ABS-CBN but he does mall shows and hosts events for Kawasaki motorcycles, at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Bruce Quebral for Bench Body!”

  1. Beautiful picture ruined by needlessly obtrusive watermark.

    Few comments as the instructions to post remarks are in Chinese. How unfriendly is that? Very!

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