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Doug Kramer for Bench Body too

Big, bulky and strong Doug Kramer is also in the series of Bench Body underwear ads with the 300 theme. Doug played for the Ateneo Blue Eagles during his college days, and he also did part-time modeling for Bench and other commercial brands. The 6’4″ baller [I think he plays for Air21 in the Philippine Basketball Association] and model is getting hitched next year to a pretty gal from showbiz.
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  1. i wonder why bench has to adulterate doug’s natural masculine aura by coloring his hair for the photoshoot? is that their idea of a “makeover? doug is sexiest being himself – natural hair, smiling naughtily and ohh, those black gloves again. in here, he looks like a male stripper in those leather bars in the US.

  2. 1001% WESTERNER LOOK… not a molecule (or DNA) of being a child of Lapu-Lapu or Raja Sulayman (even if i wink 10x). does not merit a precious spot in this blog. DOUG, TRY FALCON VIDEOS… *****

  3. Read the fine print! They are going for the 300 movie effect! hence the gloves and everything else!

    wish some angel will post the rest of the pics of this current photoshoot of bench ive seen the rest in robs gale bench section near the hotel entrance area but i cant stair for long coz they will figure out what im really trying to look at! hehehehe…

  4. Why don’t makeover “artists” make male models look masculine? Take the makeover people of Bench. They have made the likes of Wendell Ramos, Richard Gomez and Diether Ocampo look like flying acrobats and carnival attractions. These “designers” succeed only in sissifying the otherwise gorgeous guys. Note the brassiere-like costumes of the Be Bench top winners Carlo, Ron, and John. In the pictorial for Jay-R, he has a dainty set of black gloves best suited to women and/or SM practitioners (sado-masochism, not the mall), and now here, a macho guy is subjected to the same “makeover.” “300”-inspired? More like Paradise Lost. At a distance, the color of Doug’s hair looks like a pair of horns that belong to a devil. A she-devil, mind you.

  5. DAmn sana makita ko siya sa FALCON VIDEOS someday hahaahah… kapag nangyari yun, bibilin ko lahat ng mga gay videos niya!!! Syett sarap niya siguro!!!! 😀

  6. Hay naku ako simple lang ang kaligayahan. Panalo pa rin ang armpits ni Doug. Sana more taas siya ng kilikili sa photoshoots.

  7. He plays with Air 21 and his hair looks just like dat. I watched his game before Christmas. My first PBA game to watch. Thanks for my friend who took me there bcoz I was lonely. He was aggressive and able player. I heard that he kisses well…Nice guy though, I think. It was a good game. They won! Happy New Year, Mr. Kramer.

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