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Jay R does Bench Body again

After a long time, singer Jay R is again posing in his briefs in a Bench Body ad. The RnB singer, who recently had a series of concerts at the Mandarin Oriental, was once one of the underwear brand’s most-favored models until the last Bench underwear fashion show, when he was conspicuously absent – which fueled speculations he was dropped from the roster. Apparently, he was just taking a hiatus, and in the new Bench Body posters – reminiscent of the theme from the movie 300 – Jay R shows his fine form anew.
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  1. but why is he wearing what looks like embroidered hand gloves worn by divas in concerts? i tend to stare only at his southern delight. his face is a turn-off; it’s hexagonal!

  2. not related to Jay R: RD, do u know Jimwell, kindly post his photos, never heard about him except the recent intriga na inagaw daw siya ni Nadia kay Rochelle Baramada, the guy seems to be cute.

  3. On the subject of the bench body 300 photoshot effect! Can you please try and post the rest of the models pictures! Specially Rafael Rossell! Thanks!

  4. IF SANTA DROPS HIM IN MY CHIMNEY AS MY HOLIDAY GIFT…next day i am first in line at WALMART customer service return line, to demand a full refund. nice bod but face is AWFUL! (personal comment)

  5. Tama yung mga nagsabing the bod is beautiful but the face is not. After his initial appearance on the Edsa billboard in Bench briefs, Jay-R earned a reputation somewhat as a sex symbol, but then it was followed by a long dry spell when nobody was talking of him anymore. Nawala siya sa limelight. In fact, kundi sa Bench at sa S.O.P., he’d be completely forgotten, a non-entity. As an R&B artist, he’s picayune.

  6. ano vah naman ini!!! d ko talaga type mukha nitong hombreng ini. Kahit ipamudmud na niya and lahat sa akin, tatarayan ko talaga siya at sasabihin na “nykes sa iba na lang”.

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