The weather’s weird..

by: rddantes August 21, 2008 | 4 Comments |
Lately, the weather’s been acting up. At times, the rains fall like someone went batty up above. Sometimes the sun inflicts too much heat. I prefer the rainy-windy weather – cold and bleak, at times passionless. But if it’s top male model and Bench underwear endorser Martin Richard under the roasting sun, lounging under the flare [or at least, enduring the heat], I think I wouldn’t mind the, uh, hotness, at all.
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4 Comments on "The weather’s weird.."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sge ako na mauna mag comment. cute sya at nice pose., yun lang at babu!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ako 2nd. guapo at very hot. sarapp pagjakolan. dakota 2.

  3. dodong says:

    sige ako 3rd magcocomment… ok sya.. sarap pumwesto sa harap nya para kantutin./.. tapos titingnan ko sya while he’s pounding my ass. kahit masakit. ayos lang.. chos

  4. Anonymous says:

    ahm uo nga lately ung weather ang weird.. and sabi nila effect daw to ng global warming and the impending arrival nung planet x aun ung tawag nila… ayan daw ung dahilan ng mga climate change sa earth ng wlang dahilan.. search nio to have more info about that…

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