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Throwback Thursday

The Grandfather of All Bench Models is actor and failed politician Richard Gomez [left]. As a 20-something fledgling actor, he steered the local brand to such great heights via ads and billboards. When it was time to hand over the reins, he chose another tall, dark and handsome teener by the name of Jomari Yllana [right] who appeared in racier advertisements in magazines and giant billboards around the metro.
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  1. At least before, Bench is more pro-Filipino unlike now that it is pirating fly-in models to promote its brand. In other countries, before you become an actor/actress or even a model, you must have at least a training background/educ qualification. Not only that, you must also be an epitome of their race for fear that media, powerful as it is, can brainwash its people especially the younger generation and push them at the brink of isolation and discrimination. In our country, the definition of beautiful has come to mean everything that is white: MAGANDA ANG MAPUTI. It would have been okay if its only for purposes of aesthetics, but if its gonna be a source of discrimination, in mass media, in hiring for employment, (fair skin requirement; ex. flight crew, model, etc) and in practically all aspects of everyday life, that is the height of injustice! Not only are we in paranoia, more so, we are still in the state of being colonized, for we have not as yet completely liberated our thoughts from the vestiges of colonization. By patronizing to the point of fanaticism this belief that maputi ay maganda, we are not only contributing in this wave of discrimination, we are also isolating and further alienating ourselves and worse, even our own children. For once, can we be proud of who we really are, not for what they say we were?

    1. Kainis tong baklang to. Kala mo matalino. Hoy bakla wag kang magsulat ng editorial dito. Imbyerna much!!!

  2. naalala ko si goma sa sex scene nila ni osang
    babae sa may bintana ata un tigas na tigas si goma
    Kitang kita napajakol tuloy ako

  3. Trueeeee pinag shopping pa nga daw sa hongkong n richard si jomari… noon pinasyal sta n richard… heheheh nagtikiman din sila

  4. di ko talaga type ang richard gomez kahit nuon pa…ang yabang..he is so full of himself…buti nga di nananalo sa politics. belaat!!!

  5. Si Goma pa book? Yup! Pero big time. Ask Fernando Zobel and Ben Chan. Super gifted si Goma down there. Saw naked shots of him (for screening) before his showbiz career took off. Whew! Guesstimate ko lang. Easy 8 inches when hard!

  6. Yes, tsismis yan dati na alaga ni Gona si Jomari in the 90s. May nakakita daw sa kanila na sobrang sweet sa swimming pool. Well, ang straight na lalaki pag laging nagkaka M2M sex naging bading din o silahis. That I’m sure based on experience!

  7. ako man nalibugan kay goma before,, pero nung meron sya pictorial na revealing — dyuts pala, ayaw na. si jomari naman super crush ko nung around 14 yrs pa lang sya–lakas ng dating

  8. Lecture na kung lecture. May mga beauty queens naman tayo na dark and dusky.Ang fairer skin kasi mas nagre-register better sa screen and print ads.

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