Bikini Frenzy! Adrian Asor

Twenty-two year old Adrian Asor started out as a teen model for tv and print commercials, before donning the teenie-weenie bikini [and winning the title] at the Bikini Frenzy 2007 contest, the first bikini competition held at Ricky Reyes’ Golden Sunset Resort and Spa in Calatagan, Batangas. A few days after winning the title, he went back to Manila to join the Heatwave 2007 [another summer bikini outing], where he finished runner-up to Harry Chua [ see previous post].

3 thoughts on “Bikini Frenzy! Adrian Asor”

  1. Not bad, really! He might just show some “promise”.

    I’d like to consider myself as the male version of Janette Dickenson/Dickson (That bitchy host of that wonderful reality-based show in the Lifestyle Network & did I get her name right?), wherein I speak whatever the hell I want to against these so-called “models” & “fashionistas” of the Philippines!


    “I said I wanted models and NOT effing college kids!”

    “You call yourself this country’s PREMIER fashion designer? I wouldn’t even use your creations to cover garbage heaps!”

    “You call yourself a ‘MODEL’ and ‘TRENDSETTER’? You’re too f****** dumb & stupid to even tell me what a ‘MODEL’ & ‘TRENDSETTER’ is!”

    “Try not to act arrogant or aloof towards these people who aren’t in your ‘CIRCLE’, because a majority of them could actually BUY the items you ‘MODEL’ for! Plus, they’ve got brains!”

    and, finally for now…

    “Not to burst any of your bubbles, but your colleagues who’ve ‘made it’ onto the international scene aren’t successful at all! You wanna know why? COZ THEIR NAMES DON’T RING A BELL AT ALL!!!”

    G’night! 🙂

  2. I think it’s Dickinson. And as for Johnron, I’m not a pimp-o Mister. I’ll see what I can do with these numbers at hand, though. [Don’t be too mean J.! Not sexy].

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