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Short but muscled and packed Xavier Manahan is our guy in the tiny bikini. The 26-year-old hunk has appeared in Lips Bar’s raunchy fleshfest and contests, foremost of which was at the Tropical Bodies competition two years ago when he won the title. Of course, if it’s a Lips Bar contest, then there is a generous heaping and showing of flesh. Xavier Manahan is now playing coy as he’s wearing non-transparent underwear.
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  1. i saw his pic on a masseur site, so nagmamassage and nageextra service na din sya? kaso meron ata sya sugar mommy. weird!

  2. if you want to meet him in person, he is now a certified macho dancer in solutions gay bar. my friend who is one of the floor managers there just confirmed it with me.

  3. saan ang solutions gay bar? first time i heard about it. ang alam ko lang kasi yung mga gaybar sa timog.
    anyone who knows where solutions gay bar is? thanks.

  4. ay ang dami nanamang ILUSYUNADA dito. may girlfriend na po si Xavier matagal na sila. he performs nude pero di siya pabook, he’s a good friend of mine, dati ko na siyang na handle nung nasa lips pa siya. kaya tigilan na siya dito, ang daming sinungaling!

  5. ang daming sinungaling!

    To anonymous September 11, 2009 11:14 AM, isama mo na ang sarili mo. Ako yung nagpost na nasa Solutions Bar si Xavier. Kung gusto mo, magsama pa tayong dalawa, libre kita. Punta tayo dun. Tapos, gusto mo i table natin si Xavier, tapos bayaran ko pa bar fine para ma i out mo siya.

    Look, I have absolutely nothing against Xavier, his work in a gaybar, or his person. In fact, I find him hot and I wouldn’t mind i take out din siya.

    My point is, why go to that extent na pagsabihan pa mga tao dito na sinungaling. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror first? When you point at someone, don’t forget that your 3 fingers are pointing towards you too.

  6. I think the Solutions gay bar they are talking is the one at Libertad st. in Pasay.Pagbaba ng LRT Libertad station walking distance na lang yun.Along Libertad lang sya,hindi yung papuntang DFA,sa kabilang side located.I’ve been there before pero pamodel model lang napanood ko,alang macho or nude dancer,ewan lang ngayon.Parang gusto kong bumalik…

  7. yes its true that he is a certified macho dancer at solutions gay bar in libertad,,, sya palagi tini-table ni shalala of walang tulugan in GMA at sya yata ung bf ni Shalala kasi as in nagkiss sila sa stage…

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