Hot Men in the Philippines


How about Bodie Cruz, erstwhile Big Brother contestant? Inside the Big Brother House, he always had this promise, like one sexy guy waiting to be unleashed. In this photo, he looks hot under the summer sun. I’m imagining some thing’s peeking through the shorts.
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  1. nung pbb days siya, may scenes sa live streaming na naliligo sya with boy co-hms, very at laging promising ang bukelya nya sa tight white briefs nyang basa.

  2. Sa PBB pa lang halata na ang kaseksihan nya lalo na nung naka white briefs lang sya na naliligo…

  3. Sana mag bold na din si Bodie yung parang indie gay film na may frontals na grab ang sex scenes. Just my imagination hehehe

  4. Bodie’s my crush in the PBB days pa. Gulat ako nagpa seksi na din pals sya. At least for this site hehehehe

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