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The nippo-brasileiros have come and gone, but the original one is still here. Although he’s less popular these days due to the lack of high-profile projects on tv, Akihiro Sato is still looking hot! The former Survivor Philippines winner is busy surfing in La Union. He recently made an appearance in the current edition of Survivor. Wet and shirtless, of course.
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  1. oops. nakaalis na po uli siya. nahihilo na ang manager niya sa kanya dahil hindi alam ni aki kung ano ang gusto niya.

  2. LOLZ ‘Busy surfing in La Union”. Ang sarap naman ng buhay ni Aki. After winning 3M, lie low na siya. I hope he realizes that money will drain out eventually.

  3. from the look of this pic mukhang siya rin e nagkasakit.. liit na nga ng nipple lumiit pa dib dib…di na sya AKIn. Inoy na sya. laspagers sa asian gays si aki

  4. class A model na Pa booking anyone in the modeling world knows that hideo, daniel and fabio are all pa booking, if you got 80k, you can have them all the way for a whole night.

  5. Nakita ko sya minsan sa Greenbelt at sinundan ko nakatingin ako sa pwet nya hehehe kakaelya! Sarap talaga ng supot na ito!

  6. waley na si AKi sa Pinas. Umuwi na ng Brazil, according to the little bird… Hndi na rin natuloy ung Trip an Trip gig nya.
    Rumor has it na mejo napasama ang kanyang situation due to drugs.

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