Hot Men in the Philippines

Ample Assets

Yes, we’re having those today, courtesy of Fil-Brit model Charlie Sutcliffe (shown here with bff Daniel Marsh).  I love it when boys get rowdy and raunchy, they show off sometimes. In Charlie’s case, we’re helpless witnesses to this sexy stud’s seriously impressive backside.

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    1. are they on?? meged.. they must be bottom its other.. anyways i can lick his ash whole 24/7 and eat all his fecal mater… burrrp love et

  1. Hindi na extraordinary magpakita ng pwet ngayon, remember Anton del Rosario in Cosmo Bash a few years ago???

  2. Go to Charlie’s FB page binebenta nya kama nya pati bedsheets hahahaha gusto nyo sya maamoy? baka dun sya lagi nagjajakol hahahaha

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