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Diether’s Buttocks

On rare occasions, we get to see Dashing Diether in his underwear or in the buff. He doesn’t really do naked romps for ads, except the usual low-rise-denims-and-shirtless stuff he does for Bench shows.  In the movies, he’s more daring like when he wore grandpa underpants 13 years ago. Recently though, he upped the ante [and dropped his shorts] by showing his butt in the ensemble movie 24/7 In Love released last year. See his butt….

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  1. eeew thundercat. plus i never found him hot, very ordinary ang fez… at ang acting diyos ko ang tagal na sa industriya parang starlet pa rin kung umarte.

  2. okay cia… took good care of his body… ok-ok na rin acting skills (compared for instance to the wooden aljur na burat lang yata ang di matigas or marvin agustin na beking-beki ang appeal)… kainin ko yan! dietehr, die for you, ahihihihihi!!!

  3. I heard from his ex-GF that the reason why he won’t pose for frontal pics in just undies, or shoot frontal undie scenes for TV shows or movies, is because he has a teeny tiny package. His big chest and strong build really emphasize his shortcomings down there. Too bad, because everything else looks good.

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