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jc-santosThis is John Carlo Santos, right? Man of the moment. Cute boy of the prime time block. This one’s a better JC, a more talented one, with reputable credentials in the performing arts.  His work as a theater actor before has gone rather underappreciated but now that he’s on TIMY the collective masses have caught on.

jc-santos-2-copyThese photos weren’t uncovered until a later date.  Now that he has come this far, we won’t be seeing these bootylicious shots in a long, long while. So gaze and be amazed at those perky buttocks! Such is the package of JC Santos!

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  1. Mas GWAPO cya KPG long hair then short hair. I checked his Instagram account. Even if his hair is long, he still looks mabango.

    1. sa mga may disenteng bibig lang pumapatol ang gwapomg titi niyan. choosy yan sa mga bakla, habol niyan yung may gmrc at breeding. sana nainintidihan mo isisnulat ko, UMAYOS KA BAKLANG PARLORISTA!!!!!!!!

    1. True! Correct! Fact! Tama ka jan ‘teh, andaming galit at nag react ng sabihang “PLU” toh, haters wer flourishing, eh tutuo nman. Like CCM at JMDG, just continue and claim na str8 guy talaga kayo… Take it from Piolo (He learned from d Masters like Edu, Gardo, Philip S. and Emilio G)

    1. oh yes. nilabasan yata ako doon sa scene na laplapan nila ni lharby policarpio. at tlgang magkadikit ang etits nila while wildly tongue-kissing each other., slurp!

  2. OMG, nagpose pala sya ng ganyan?

    Ikaw na RD! The best ka! I don’t know kung saan mo nakukuha yang mga nude pix ng mga celebs na to think of it na may mga nude pix pala silang ganyan. Keep up the good work! Mwuah!

  3. ive already hired him once… 20k thru a showbiz pimp.. i loved his hole tasted good tho me sumthing brown na nalick ang tongue ko. i didnt mind it i swallowed it… muy bien

  4. He has that very attainable gwapo guy vibe. Parang classmate na pogi. Or yung varsity player sa liga ng basketball.

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